The Method

The Method

The unique Round Table method developed by Arvut includes experiential activities, discussion circles, games, intriguing media items and other techniques that build group intelligence and “collective intelligence.” All these are based upon research that has uncovered latent advantages within the connection between people. Our different seminars are designed to improve relationships on different levels: in the family, at work, in the community and between people of diverse backgrounds.


  • Enhanced cooperation among individuals and organizations
  • Greater focus on social issues and problems
  • Increased awareness of different perspectives of the situation
  • Creative solutions to problems we face together and apart
  • New found partnership and mutual understanding between all participants
  • A sense of hope and inspiration, security and motivation for progress


All Arvut round table events and discussion circles are a unique site in this region: you will see Druzim, Arabs, religious and secular Israelis, and tourists from abroad all sitting together in a circle to find a common denominator. The major round table events we produce with our partners typically include busloads of teens from every demographic in Israel.

Beyond Israel

Following the successful activity of The Arvut network in Israel, we began sharing our ideas, goals, and the Round Table platform with Jewish communities around the world. Just as we have been collaborating with social and educational organizations in Israel, we have started cultivating similar joint ventures with Jewish organizations worldwide.

A Special Feeling

Arvut has been bringing people from many different backgrounds in Israeli society together for an enriching and fruitful discussion. Many people who attended these discussions came out elated about feeling at home with complete strangers for the first time, even if they came from different backgrounds and even with sensitive faith and cultural differences between them. They attested to feelings of warmth, strength, family closeness, love, joy, and hope.

We believe that many of the challenges facing the Jewish communities worldwide can be mitigated and resolved by implementing the platforms we have implemented here in Israel.

We are confident that our collaboration and connection will be the first stepping stone to becoming a worldwide family living in mutual guarantee.