Round Table

The Round Table

The "Round Table" which was founded by Arvut is a symposium among equals, in which everyone is encouraged to express his or her opinion.

Full length programs of the "Round Table" (in Hebrew) - for viewing click here.

The Round Table is a method used in our seminars, and is also a successful platform for bigger events which can be held at different venues such as organizations, universities, and city squares . The events are moderated by a discussion leader who leads a debate on important shared issues among community members, people of conflicting backgrounds, employees and managers, social activists, representatives of different organizations, people from the academy, influential people and members of all social classes.

Goals of the Round Table

  • To enhance cooperation among different parts of society through deliberations in symposiums.
  • To point out problems and social issues
  • To present diverse opinions regarding the social situation
  • To bring up possible solutions to the social problems we are facing
  • To encourage cooperation and sharing of views
  • Every participant will be allowed enough time to present his or her views and ideas, and will also be able to relate to what others have said
  • The public will be invited to participate and to comment on the discussions and we will present some of them on live broadcast 

So What Is This Thing? - The Round Table

Come and talk about how to build a better, more equal and ethical society!

Creating change around the Round Table

In our search for a better society we must see that we have lost the ability to listen, and forgotten how to educate our children.

Around the round table we can revive values of understanding, consideration and mutual responsibility which will create safe environments and more holistic educational approaches for our children.

Come, we saved you a seat at the table!

Women Leading Change

Cross your heart; if women lead the world, would we be in the crisis that we're in today? If instead of approaches that lead to inequality and oppression we will encourage more feminine styles of leadership, the world would look very different! Let's enable women to lead the way!

Youth - Breaking the Silence

The youth want change, and they want to talk about it! 

Around the round table, all at eye level, a unique and first-of-a-kind meeting took place in Ramat Gan, between teachers, youth movement activists, teachers and education workers.