About Us

About Us


Arvut is a social-educational movement focused on generating a positive shift in Israeli society and Jewish communities around the world; a shift toward happier and more sustainable societies, and creating a better environment to thrive in together. The goal is to improve the quality of life in the society we live in by uplifting the values of mutual guarantee and collaboration.

The notion of mutual guarantee, which was fostered and cultivated for centuries by the Jewish people, holds within it the promise that our personal well-being and the well-being of society are interdependent. We aim to restore that notion and embed it into our daily lives to improve all functions of our society, and enhance how we relate to one another.

Over the years Arvut has trained volunteers throughout Israel to help others experience the power of connection:

  • In our discussion circles from Eilat up to the Golan
  • Through our lectures and workshops
  • Large events we produce with social/educational organizations
  • Our ongoing dialog with the public on social networks

Earlier this year we formed a new English department for targeting English speakers in Israel through various organizations. Our approach has been very well received by absorption centers, since it helps facilitate a new immigrant’s entry into society.

The Arvut movement is a registered non-profit in Israel and is not supported by any government agency.