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Enhancing Connections Between People

The Arvut Movement is a social-educational movement promoting a unique method based on scientific research about human nature, which helps groups and organizations operate in harmony, collaboration and mutual respect. We are a not for profit organization made up of conscious individuals from all walks of life. Our goal is to create exceptional human bonding experiences by leveraging the collective powers of any group of people. The force of this connection increases awareness about the importance of benefiting others and creating sustainable environments that allow us to accomplish more collectively.

A Scientific Approach To Happiness

The methods that we use are experiential activities, discussion circles, games, intriguing media items and other techniques that build group intelligence and “collective intelligence.” All these are based upon research that has uncovered latent advantages within the connection between people.


Join us for a round table session, a group activity or a seminar at your organization, to experience the practical benefits of connection and begin to build our future together.

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